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Voluntarism That Unites

360° of Generosity

In a world loaded with contradictions and challenges, New Acropolis offers a space where human values like solidarity, tolerance and responsibility can be constructed. This results in good practices, private and social. Through voluntarism, the members and supporters of New Acropolis express their social commitment in ecological activities, humanitarian actions, social and educational projects, in places of the world where natural catastrophes, poverty, discrimination or the injustice prevails. It is the modest and constant support of the volunteers that have no retribution other than the inner satisfaction of having acted where the necessity demanded it.

Kids Olympics

On the 12'th of June, New Acropolis South Africa hosted an Olympic Village for Kids at Brightwater commons. The day was a resounding success, with 64 volunteers giving up their time to create an awesome day for the participating athletes and everyone involved. Click to read more

Ferndale River Cleanup

The Ferndale River Cleanup organised by New Acropolis South Africa took place on Saturday the 21'st of August 2010. The event was a massive success, with approximately 140 volunteers coming from around the greater Johannesburg area to lend a hand in cleaning up the section of river in Ferndale, Randburg, which runs between Oxford and Republic Road. Click to read more

The Sibongile Day Center

“Every child has a right” is a non profit organization situated in Dlamini Soweto. The center is working with children from disadvantaged families, promoting early childhood development by giving them quality education and making sure that their safety and security is not compromised. The center has been operating since 2003 without any financial support, struggling to meet daily educational and nutritional needs of the 50 children it cares for. Click to read more

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