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LIVE YOUR PHILOSOPHY Taught internationally, this course compares the major systems of thought from the East to the West. Discover how ancient wisdom can be practically applied today. Develop the skills to govern yourself, reconcile emotions and thoughts that lead to proactive action. Exercise your free will to live your potential. The practice of philosophy embraces the entire unity of existence and serves to give meaning to life. Ethics and Morality. Voices of the personality. Dealing with inner conflicts. My destiny? Happiness or suffering? Leader lead thyself. Cycles of time. Connecting history and mythology. Our future... LIFE UNIVERSAL VIRTUES. REVOLUTIONISE THE FUTURE. Individual, society and community; universal ubuntu. Myth of the cave; my place in society? Utopia, possible? Morality and social law. Political theory. HUMAN RELATIONS & UBUNTU. PROSPER BEYOND SURVIVAL. COURSE DATES. Course Fee: R980 (Students: R380). Seeking Philosophy. The Key to Inner Wisdom. RSVP

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