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Ferndale River Cleanup

The Ferndale River Cleanup organised by New Acropolis South Africa took place on Saturday the 21'st of August 2010. The event was a massive success, with approximately 140 volunteers coming from around the greater Johannesburg area to lend a hand in cleaning up the section of river in Ferndale, Randburg, which runs between Oxford and Republic Road.

Spirits were high as the day began, and grew as more and more bags filled with garbage collected from the river were piled up on the Banks. Not only was the garbage removed from the river, but as it was being collected, and recyclable materials were seperated out of the waste, and were transported to a recycling center, rather than winding up in a landfil.

As the day wore on, and there was less and less garbage to pick up, the volunteers congregated in an area of the park, where they shared a meal, as well as watching a theatre performance, and participating in a drumming circle.

A special thanks goes out to all of our volunteers for giving of thier time and energy to beutify this neglected corner of our city. Additionally, we would like to say thank you very much to the following organisations:

  • The Resource Africa Theatre Outreach Programme for the performance they put on for the volunteers
  • The Drumming Guys for coming along with thier drums, and leading everyone in a fantastic drumming circle.
  • Seemann's Butchery for their generous donation of food & soft drinks to keep our Gaia Warriors strong and hydrated.
  • Christopher Herd from Build Africa Recycling for collecting and reclaiming all recyclable litter.

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