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Georgios Alvarado Planas

Georgios Alvarado Planas was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1955 and has been living in Greece since 1980.

He is a lecturer in Philosophy, Symbology and Ancient Philosophical Theories. He is also editor-in-chief of the philosophical magazine “New Acropolis”, in Greece, as well as the author of a number of books on topics of Philosophy and Science.

Publications and Education

"Selected lectures given at New Acropolis" Published by New Acropolis, Athens 1983

"The Zodiac Cycle in World Mythology" Published by New Acropolis, Athens 1985

"Introduction to Eastern Wisdom" Published by New Acropolis, Athens 1990

"The Three Centers of Mystery" Published by New Acropolis, Athens 2002

He is the principal translator into Greek of the books and articles of the founder of New Acropolis, Prof. J.A.LIVRAGA, and of the international director of the Organization, Prof. DELIA S. GUZMAN. He has delivered a number of seminars in Greece and abroad on topics such as: "Science in Antiquity", "Public Speaking and the Training of Speakers", "Education and Vocational Training", "Aesthetics and Art" and "The Promotion of Global Culture and the Arts".


He holds a degree in Law from the University of DEUSTO and UNED (National Distance Learning University), and a degree in Business Administration from ICADE (Catholic Institute of Business Management).

He speaks 4 languages: Greek, Spanish, French and English.

His Work

Prof. Planas became a member of “New Acropolis” in Spain, in 1972.

Having successfully completed the Organization’s program of philosophical studies, he now dedicates himself to studying Philosophy and History of Civilizations. For 37 years he has been working in the field of education and in sectors such as Ethical Philosophy, Psychology, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Public Speaking, Education, Archaeology, and Social and Symbolical Studies.

As a result of his successful career as director of “New Acropolis” in Greece, hundreds of people of all ages have participated in and become members of this organization, thus making a strong contribution to the further development of the International Organization and helping to achieve its objectives.

An accomplished public speaker, he has delivered more than 4,000 lectures, as well as giving interviews and writing articles, not only in Greece but also for local newspapers in Spain, Peru and Uruguay. Many of his presentations on philosophical issues have been broadcast on radio and T.V.

His varied work and contributions in the fields of education, culture and volunteering have been widely accredited and acknowledged. They include two main lines of activity:

a) Cultural activities for the development of human knowledge and consciousness:

  • In this framework he has organized concerts, theatrical performances, tributes and exhibitions for the promotion of culture and philosophy. He has also given and organized seminars and lectures throughout Greece wherever “New Acropolis” has centers, with the aim of spreading an understanding about the different mentalities, cultures, philosophies and ideas from a wide range of civilizations. In the ecological sector, Prof. Planas has organized activities designed to bring urban citizens into closer contact with nature.
  • He organizes cultural tours and philosophy workshops attended by a large number of young people, from all parts of Greece.
  • He has created a rich library containing almost 10,000 books on philosophy, esoterism, science and history of civilizations. The “Pericles” library in Athens is one of the most specialized libraries in Greece in the fields of Philosophy and History.

b) Social and ecological actions aimed at addressing major social and ecological issues:

  • Within the context of the group “Social and Ecological Action for Greece” (KODE) – which he himself founded with the aim of developing and implementing social responsibility initiatives – he has promoted volunteer action and fundraising campaigns. Currently, KODE has over 400 registered members who offer their time, energy and dedication to all social sectors in need.
  • Having attended many seminars on human development and social responsibility, he became the instigator and founder of the Movement for Volunteer Action, which acts as a focus for more than 60 NGOs to join forces at the annual fairs for the promotion of Volunteerism in Athens, which have been running every year since 2001. The Movement for Volunteer Action is supported by the Municipality of Athens, the General Secretariat for Youth, and in recent years its annual fairs have taken place under the auspices of the European Union.

The aim of all these initiatives is the development of socially active and responsible citizens concerned for their fellow-citizens and the environment.

Through his continuous work, Georgios Alvarado Planas has contributed and continues to contribute to the realization of the principal goals of “New Acropolis”: social assistance, promotion of culture and humanitarian aid, humanistic values and ideas for a better world.

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